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Steve Beynon

Season's Tallies

Player NameDate of BirthPositionGoalsOwn GoalsYellowsRedsClean SheetsAppearancesMinutes
Steve Beynon0000-00-00Utility

Player Profile

Player Full Name:

Steve Beynon

Nicknames (no fabrications or exclusions):



Utility Player; Utility Manager

Favoured position:

Holding Midfielder

Date of Birth and star sign:


How long have you been playing football for West End:

It seems like a decade

How long have you been playing football for:

25 years

Previous clubs:

Top Secret

Which club do you support:

Swansea, Liverpool

What honours have you won:

Numerous. 9th best arm wrestler on tour in Prague.

Best West End Memory for the right reasons:

Saturday Aftternoons, Promotions, Cup Finals, Tours

Best West End Memory for the wrong reasons:

The morning after the above...... and ginge jnr not being able to feel his lips.

Most difficult opponent played against:

Matthew Pritchard - scorer of 5 own goals in one match

Who makes you laugh the most at West End:

Everybody - its like the cast off Billy the Fish (Viz)

Who doesn't:

Over enthusiastic referrees, league officials, and dogs that insist on running on the pitch.

Most gifted team mate and why:

Ego alert

Favourite ground played on:

Dont know its name, it was more of a square than a rectangle, and had the surface of a bowling green.

Describe your best goal my best goal:

A 1, 2,  a 1, 2, 3, 4 and in.

Least favourite ground played on:


Why choose West End:

Play hard, party hard, hand hard.

Favourite food:

Jenkins Bakery

Favourite drink:


Favourite film:

Escape to Victory.  Sylvester Stallone is the best goalkeeper in the history of the game.

Favourite TV show:


Favourite colour:


Favourite style of music / band etc:

Joy Division, New Order

Hobbies (excluding football):


If you could change one thing in football:

If an animal, bird, insect or worm is found on the pitch and rescued by a player - the player's team should be awarded a set piece from where the beast is found and rescued: ie, a worm found in the opposition penalty box by Ryan Giggs awards United a penalty, 

Describe yourself in three words:

3 words insufficient

Describe your style of play in three words: