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Season's Tallies

Player NameDate of BirthPositionGoalsOwn GoalsYellowsRedsClean SheetsAppearancesMinutes
Paul James1981-07-24Left Back / Winger0020010895

Player Profile

Player Full Name:

Paul James

Nicknames (no fabrications or exclusions):

Skinny, Peter Crouch



Favoured position:

Left back, Left wing

Date of Birth and star sign:

24th July 1981 Leo

How long have you been playing football for West End:

2 years

How long have you been playing football for:

18 year

Previous clubs:

Seaside under 11's Llanelli Steal

Which club do you support:

Manchester United

What honours have you won:

division 1, division 2, challenge cup, steel reserve player of the year, steel player of the year twice and players player twice.

Best West End Memory for the right reasons:

winning division 2 in my second season at the club. also answering the phone to pat butchers on a club day out in tenby and him saying hes missed the train!!! hahahahaha

Best West End Memory for the wrong reasons:

getting dropped by Eddie all the time because of turning up on a saturday elofamess after gettin lashed up the night before

Most difficult opponent played against:

Finch in training

Who makes you laugh the most at West End:

deffo Finch. Greeeeeeennnnn aaaaarrrrmmmmyyyy!!!

Who doesn't:

Eddie when he drops me the 'orrible c**t!!

Most gifted team mate and why:

Jason Harding is quality and he's bent

Favourite ground played on:


Describe your best goal my best goal:

all my goals are quality

Least favourite ground played on:

drefach if you can call it a football pitch!

Why choose West End:

Justin made me sign

Favourite food:

Jackies sunday dinner

Favourite drink:

anything alcoholic

Favourite film:

Saving Private Ryan

Favourite TV show:

Only Fools and Horses

Favourite colour:


Favourite style of music / band etc:


Hobbies (excluding football):

getting lashed

If you could change one thing in football:

the rule that you get sent off for twatting a player who's doing your head in

Describe yourself in three words:

bent, skinny, gifted

Describe your style of play in three words:

truly f*cking outstanding