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Dez Lewis

Season's Tallies

Player NameDate of BirthPositionGoalsOwn GoalsYellowsRedsClean SheetsAppearancesMinutes
Darren Lewis1976-08-27Centre Midfield300006525

Player Profile

Player Full Name:

Darren Lewis

Nicknames (no fabrications or exclusions):

Dez, Pikey, Gypo,


Centre midfield, right mid, left mid, anywhere really

Favoured position:

In the centre,was born to play there

Date of Birth and star sign:

27/08/1976 Virgo

How long have you been playing football for West End:

10 years, where is my trophy? or a free pint or something?

How long have you been playing football for:

When I was in my mothers womb.

Previous clubs:

Pwll U12's,New Dock (Wolves),Seaside

Which club do you support:

The Mighty Boro.

What honours have you won:

Too many to list.

Best West End Memory for the right reasons:

The double what a year! Vintage, and played sexy football.

Best West End Memory for the wrong reasons:

Relegation from the Prem, and Div 1

Most difficult opponent played against:

My brawd the Cat, and italian stallion DOM aka Snoop.

Who makes you laugh the most at West End:


Who doesn't:


Most gifted team mate and why:

Alex Day if I had his pace and his left foot then I would be upfront,

Favourite ground played on:


Describe your best goal my best goal:

Quarter final against Penyfan Star Cup scored a belter run over to the line ripped my top off then realised I had moobs so quickly put it back on.

Least favourite ground played on:

Drefach it should be a cow field

Why choose West End:

Because Weston asked me, sorry begged me.

Favourite food:


Favourite drink:

Theakstons dark ale,skull attack S.A Brains

Favourite film:


Favourite TV show:

70's Show, Trailer Park Boy's, Operation Repo (its mental!!!)

Favourite colour:

Green, Beige, Brown

Favourite style of music / band etc:

Rock & Roll, Jazz

Hobbies (excluding football):

Poetry, gardening, crochet, bingo in the lib,

If you could change one thing in football:

The shape of the ball

Describe yourself in three words:

Master of disguise

Describe your style of play in three words: