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Season's Tallies

Player NameDate of BirthPositionGoalsOwn GoalsYellowsRedsClean SheetsAppearancesMinutes
Curtis Elliott1992-05-20Goalkeeper00000190

Player Profile

Player Full Name:

Curtis Elliott

Nicknames (no fabrications or exclusions):



Goalkeeper, Striker

Favoured position:


Date of Birth and star sign:

20th May 1992 Taurus

How long have you been playing football for West End:

Joined start 2008 { 2 years}

How long have you been playing football for:

2 years

Previous clubs:

Carway Afc

Which club do you support:

Manchester United

What honours have you won:

None as yet

Best West End Memory for the right reasons:

Saving 2 penalties on my Goalkeeping debut in goals v Daven As (2010) but still lost 4-2

Best West End Memory for the wrong reasons:


Most difficult opponent played against:

Who makes you laugh the most at West End:

Dallas, Finch

Who doesn't:

Most gifted team mate and why:

use he had most improved player of the year (2010)

Favourite ground played on:


Describe your best goal my best goal:

down 3-2 v Abergwili away, turned a defender outside the box and put my foot through it , top corner,keeper was nowhere near it

Least favourite ground played on:


Why choose West End:

Used to watch my brother play when he was at the team, always wanted to play football before watching the team ,when i got old enough , i wanted to join and got asked to sign. best choice of my career

Favourite food:

Super Noodles !

Favourite drink:


Favourite film:


Favourite TV show:

Match of the day

Favourite colour:


Favourite style of music / band etc:

Kings of Lyon , Lostprophets, Kids in Glass Houses, Eric Prydz , Pendulum, Prodigy

Hobbies (excluding football):

Snooker, with the boys

If you could change one thing in football:

have a decent referee every week !

Describe yourself in three words:

tall, decent, honest

Describe your style of play in three words:

learning , confident, composed